Punch Boxing for Fitness Miami

Boxing Gym Miami

Punch Boxing for Fitness Miami is unlike other gyms I have been to in Miami. You have your traditional punching bags, speed bags, shadow boxing, jump ropes and stretching. But Punch Boxing takes things one step further. The training program here mirrors an actual boxer’s training regimen with actual 3 minute rounds broken apart with 1 minutes breaks. You get to do all of this without the fight. The gym is nice and clean with great instructors and very nice participants. Its great for men and women and is particularly good for healthy living an self defense. They offer multiple class schedules so it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect time for you. I was a beginner going in and they didn’t overwhelm me. Its great, no matter what level you are at. Punch Boxing is currently offering 1 free workout, so if you ever wanted to get into shape in a fun way, check this one out, they really are the best Boxing Gym Miami has to offer!

Punch Boxing for Fitness Miami
1901 NW Miami Court
Miami, FL 33136
(305) 381-0325

Ride there with Uber

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