Music Arts Enterprises – Musical Instrument Shop in Fort Lauderdale

MAEI recall the days my friends and I would make our way out to the local guitar shop. We were in our teens, it was the late 1980’s and each guitar shop in Ft. Lauderdale was unique, because they were owned by families, not corporations.

I remember going to one shop which was large and crowded, too impersonal. I visited another guitar shop and it was nice, but didn’t have a great knowledgeable staff. I finally found one that understood me, Music Arts Enterprises in Fort Lauderdale.

MAE has been in the (family owned) business of musical instruments, equipment and repairs since 1963. The owners, Mike and Ken Katz, as well as their staff, are not only dedicated to the world of music, but are extremely knowledgeable with their craft. Whether you are looking for a drum set, guitar, keyboard or modern computer/electronic generated music, they have it all.

I can still visualize the first time I walked in, the counter with all the great flyers and info, the hip employees, the lines of amplifiers and my personal favorite, the guitar room. I would look at every guitar and imagine being on stage with it. The staff didn’t mind if I handled them (though you do need to be careful not to damage them!). I bought my first Les Paul there, and shortly after my first Tube Amp.

I was young, inexperienced and full of questions. The employees never got tired of me. They always took the time to answer me, look up a price, check a spec, whatever I needed.

Well, that was decades ago. Today, the family owned musical instrument stores are all but a thing of the past. The industry is dominated with Guitar Centers and online stores, great inventory, but completely cold and impersonal. Through all the years, MAE has stood the test of time and are still rockin’!

MAE has stayed competitive not only with their knowledge and service, but also with keeping up with today’s modern electronic music including, Hip Hop, Dance, Reggae, DJ Music and more.

Services & Products include, but are not limited to:

  • Buy and Sell Equipment
  • Rent Orchestral Equipment
  • Musical Instrument Repairs, Electronic Gear Repairs
  • Studio Sound Equipment & Installations
  • Amplifiers and Pro Audio Equipment
  • Music Books, Sheet Music, Classic Posters
  • Guitar Effects & Accessories
  • Roland, Korg, Kurzwell, Yamaha Pro Keyboards
  • Band Instruments Including Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trombones, Upright Bass, Cello, Tuba, Flute and More

If you want to buy an instrument, get more info, get repairs or just browse a really cool shop, stop by MAE and find out what making music is all about!

Music Arts Enterprises
3301 Davie Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 581-2203
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