Is Alcohol Addictive and How can it be Treated?

Is Alcohol Addictive and How can it be Treated?


Alcohol is very common in the United States, and so is alcohol addiction; most people, however, think of alcohol as a drink since it can be sold in stores to people as young as 21 years. The use of alcohol has been legalized and accepted morally by society, increasing how people drink. There is, therefore, a need for proper mechanisms for alcohol addiction treatment. Taking alcohol has been normalized such that people feel like it is not addictive; however, alcohol is very addictive. Though most people think of alcohol as a stimulant, it is a depressant. Most people view alcohol addiction as a lifestyle chosen by the person; however, alcohol addiction is a disease that requires proper treatment. The notion held by many people that alcoholism is a choice lifestyle makes it hard for them to reach out for help and harder for us to help them. United Recovery Project considers alcoholism as a serious disease and emphasizes the need for alcohol addiction treatment

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 Addiction Risks

United Recovery Project realizes and appreciates the risks of relapse and uses this information to help their clients achieve the best lives. Family lines are very influential in determining whether recovery will be successful or not. Scientists have discovered that some genes are more likely to be addicted to alcohol and other drugs.  The environment within which a patient operates also determines whether they are successful in their recovery. United Recovery Project helps its clients by the nature of their problems. Younger adults are vulnerable to alcohol addiction, given the numerous challenges they face. However, they are in a better position to overcome alcohol addiction. Excessive alcohol addiction, which is brought by alcohol addiction, can lead to liver diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Abuse of alcohol also leads to increased brain problems and sometimes brain damage. Alcohol addicts are, therefore, likely to experience blackouts and memory losses. Excessive use of alcohol also puts the user at risk of contracting the different types of cancer.


There are different types of Alcohol Addiction treatment offered by the Unity Recovery Project, depending on the addiction’s seriousness and the schedule agreed upon between the staff and the client. Patients may undertake the 12 step recovery program, general outpatient, inpatient, residential rehab, behavior therapy, and treatment for eating disorder.  

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