Google My Business Verification and Setup Services

Do you have your website up and need your Google My Business listing verified, setup and integrated. We can help either guide you or provide the service for you. Many times we are successful with getting ownership of your Google My Business listing, verifying it live onto Google Maps and finally transferring Full Ownership of the listing to you. We can also assist with menu hosting and linking.


We can set up a date and time to come photograph your business, products and signage. Ideal for websites, directories, Google My Business products and online marketing.

Aerial Photography

Do you have a business in a unique building? Do you host events outside or have a beautiful outdoor area? We can send out one of our “Bot” drones and give you both stunning still photos and amazing video, all at a reasonable cost.

Menu Hosting

Need your menu online? We can build your online menu for you and host it so sites like Google, Yelp and other directories can link to it. This is a great option since most users look for a restaurant or bar menu prior to visiting. Give us access to your Google page and we can link your menu all over Google for you!

SEO Referral

In today’s online landscape, having a properly optimized website is a must. Click here for in depth information from a Google Premier SEO company that keeps up with the ever-changing SEO standards!

Business Development Referral

Are you starting a new business and looking for IT help? Need Business Workflow Automation, Web Presence or Security? Contact Lisa at Awake Technology and get your business running right.

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