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StardustHave you ever had a dream that you could fly? Limitless, painless, light and free…. and completely engulfed in the sensation, only to wake up and realize you are still bound by gravity? Well now you can break free and ‘find your wings’ at Stardust Fitness – Aerial Fitness Yoga in Doral, FL!

Stardust Fitness started in June, 2015 by founder and owner Johanna Eckardt. While working in the finance industry, Jo started to question her work/life balance while dealing with a back injury and constant pain. Her career only aggravated her injuries, and offered little to no relief to her soul. After some digging (and some soul searching) Jo found Anti-Gravity Fitness, including Anti-Gravity Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Strength Training, and was intrigued at the thought of a “different” way of life. But this was only the start of her journey.

Jo left the 9-to-5 lifestyle and entered the world of healing. She began her own training and soon, was offering a class to share her findings with her community. She was inspired by stories of yoga’s power to heal the wounds of grief, physical disability, emotional trauma, and disease. In this, she found her calling – Aerial Fitness Yoga. A wonderful combination to feed the body, mind and soul.

Stardust Fitness started small, with rooftop classes and pop-ups all across Dade county. The more she taught, the larger the classes grew… in just a couple of months! Stardust Fitness had grown so much Jo decided it was time to get a permanent studio. She opened the new studio on November 2015 at 1401 Northwest 88th Avenue in Doral. She brought in more trainers. She invested with her own blood, sweat and hard work to create something beautiful, something that falls somewhere between, Art, Fitness and Dance.

But Stardust isn’t only beneficial for women. Men, there are classes for you! Aerial Fitness and Strength training has benefits for men too including; better mobility, flexibility, active recovery and overall wellness.

Today, Stardust Fitness is the apex of Yoga and Aerial Fitness Yoga in Dade County and South Florida. Classes are regularly filled with old and new clients, looking for the same tranquility Jo discovered all those years ago. Stardust even offers a Kid’s Summer yoga class. There are no limits to the benefits of these programs.

Don’t stay grounded, find your wings and fly free!

Stardust Fitness
1401 NW 88th Ave, Doral, FL 33172
(305) 697-8633

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