What are the Functions of Bluetooth Earphones Suitable for People?

What are the Functions of Bluetooth Earphones Suitable for People?

Liking running is good for your health. What matters is how to make boring things more interesting. This should be difficult. There are many restrictions on listening to music when running. It is very important to choose a suitable earphone for your sports. Here are some experiences of HONOR xSport.

The most basic points in choosing sports earphones are that sports experience must be good. With the increase of exercise intensity, it is difficult for ordinary earphones not to fall off. There are also problems such as water inflow and falling off. This is not the case with HONOR xSport.

First of all, it can be seen from the design of HONOR xSport. The shark fin ear brace is designed to be stable to wear. It imitates human auricle.

This earphone adopts a “separate” design. It has two symmetrical “weight bars” with control modules and batteries. When wearing it normally, these two weight bars are on the shoulder. So the whole gravity is not lifted by the ears. This balanced and symmetrical weight-bearing design greatly increases the wearing comfort and stability.

It fits the human ear better. In the actual experience, it was found that the overall wearing firmness and comfort of this earphone were excellent. There was no slip.

The second is the effect of sports protection. IPX5 waterproof can prevent sweat and rain from eroding. During the wearing process, people will use wet wipes. The stain on the earphone can be easily cleaned up.

The sound quality is really important for earphones. When listening to songs, you can clearly feel the low-frequency effect of this earphone. It is calm and powerful. The diving depth of bass is very good, full of movement and magnetism.

In addition, it has unexpected effects at medium and high frequencies. The medium frequency is accurate and the high frequency is loud.  You will feel the music is around you.

The HONOR xSport supports Bluetooth 4.1. This can be well compatible with many Bluetooth devices on the market. The testers tested several mobile phones respectively, which can be used in good and fast pairing.

Three-key classic wire control. The functions of the keys are designed to be different from those of long press and short press. For example, when controlling the mobile phone, short press to answer, refuse to answer and redial the phone. When listening to music, you can switch music quickly by pressing the volume for a long time.

In actual use, earphones are designed with sound effect prompts. There will be voice prompts when starting up or shutting down and when there is insufficient power, so that users will not operate blindly. This is a very humanized design.

Bluetooth earphones are usually charged with the Micro USB charging port. The advantages are small opening and strong versatility.

The official parameters of XSport Bluetooth Earphone give endurance of more than 11 hours. It can be charged with portable charger. The overall endurance is far higher than the level of common similar products. It is enough to charge twice a week.

Bluetooth earphones bring people a lot of surprises. If you are more concerned about sports portability, you can choose to buy Sports Bluetooth Earphones.

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