CBD Packaging Opportunities You Can Opt for Now

CBD Packaging Opportunities You Can Opt for Now

By means of a climatic-cyclical conditioning and analysis in the climatic chamber of the technology center, the resilience of product and transport packaging can be proven at fluctuating temperatures in the range from -25 ° C to +80 ° C and under the influence of relative humidity of 15% to 90%. For example, you can simulate the effects of reducing the bottle thickness on the loading unit stability of a beverage pallet and thus carry out a packaging development. For this reason, it is advisable to carry out loading unit tests as early as the packaging development of new products or designs in order to prevent transport damage and complaints after market entry. So when it comes to the CBD, then no Common CBD packaging mistakes now.

Procedure: What Procedures Are Used To Carry Out The Loading Unit Checks?

The technology center is equipped with the most modern technologies for CBD packaging. National and international standards and norms are available in order to simulate the transport loads that occur in a wide variety of means of distribution such as trucks, ships, aircraft, trains or industrial trucks.

Packaging is increasingly being put to the test. Packaging advice that only focuses on cost reductions without taking into account the disposal costs of packaging materials and the ecological responsibility of a company is no longer up-to-date.

Holistic packaging advice and optimization not only offers comprehensive know-how in the field of packaging technology and overall logistics, but is also always up to date with regard to sustainable packaging and alternatives to give recommendations:

  • High-quality films no longer have to consist of 100% fossil raw materials. They can also be made from bio-based plastics, egg based on sugar cane.
  • Innovative film manufacturers recycle film sections that arise during the film manufacturing process and use a very high percentage of these as so-called post-industrial recycles for the production of new films.
  • Some film manufacturers recycle used films and use the post-consumer recycles obtained from them in the sense of a circular economy for the production of new films with little or no loss of quality.

Who Will Benefit From Packaging Optimization?

Packaging CBD Box advice and optimization is often only used when there has been an increase in transport damage or when costs for packaging processes explode. This risk can be minimized if all parameters of the packaging and the packaging process are analyzed and related to each other right from the start. We recommend competent packaging consultants who are up to date with regard to packaging materials, machines and processes.

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