Differences between a private and public university in India

Differences between a private and public university in India

If you have been planning to apply to colleges anytime soon, you have surely come across terms like private and public universities. You might have a basic idea about what these terms mean, but you might not know the exact points of difference between the private and public universities. It is important to understand the difference between the private and public universities before you start filling out the admission forms. So, read on to find out the differences between a private and public university under the UGC in India.

The sources of funding

The private and public universities are not funded in the same way. State governments usually fund a public university, but the UGC private university in Raipur is supported by their endowment funds and the tuition fees of the students. Private colleges also receive donations from individuals, though this is something even public colleges can receive.

The costs of attendance

Another difference between a public university and UGC private university Raipur is the cost of attendance. The public universities are highly subsidized by the state governments, so they can charge much lower tuition fees to the students. It is considered that since the tax dollars residents of the state fund the governments, they should receive favorable tuition fees at the public universities. On the other hand, private colleges are more expensive as they have to rely on the tuition fees of the students to cover the operating expenses. Public colleges are always less expensive than private colleges.

The availability of financial aid

Private universities and colleges might be more expensive to attend, but they usually have more tuition fees discounts than public universities. State financial aid can be offered to students by both private and public colleges, but private colleges usually have more funds to offer scholarships and grants. Though private universities are more expensive, they have the ability to provide better financial aid that can make them more reasonable than the public universities most of the time.

Affiliation of colleges under a university

The public universities can have several colleges affiliated under it, as per the UGC guidelines. But, private universities cannot affiliate any institution or college. They also cannot establish off-campus centers beyond the territories of the concerned state. They can have off-campus centers within the state after they have been a university for five years, and have received the prior approval of the UGC.

The size of the universities

It is hard to compare private and public universities based on sizes. There is no denying that most public universities have a huge student population and campus size. However, all private universities also have huge campuses and an equally comparable student population. The private universities also have all the infrastructure and features that the modern students look for.

Hopefully, you have a clear idea now about the points of difference between the private and public universities. It is time now to weigh your options and make the right decision.


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