Essential Options for Online Legal Supports Now

Essential Options for Online Legal Supports Now

The online lawyer is the one you can ask for an opinion without going to his office. Just contact him with one of the many means of communication that technology now offers us: from the telephone, to e-mail, from various applications to social networks. It also offers you the innovative video consulting service. A quick and easy service to talk to your lawyer wherever you are: just use a smartphone or PC to start the video consultation via WhatsApp or Skype. To purchase the service, choose the consultation duration option (between 30 and 60 minutes) and then click on “add to cart” and follow the procedures to make the payment. During checkout, write in the appropriate field your availability of day and time to make the video call: we will contact you by phone to organize the video consultation.  

Video advice is quick and easy! It allows you to talk to your Merriam DUI lawyer wherever you are or from the comfort of your home without going to the firm. Many have already chosen this effective and comfortable solution to take advantage of a professional and modern service

Make an eco-friendly choice

Is the online lawyer safe? Yes. You must know that every lawyer, even if he assists you online, has the ethical obligation to keep up to date. And the on-line lawyers of, in addition to keeping themselves constantly updated, even make their legal knowledge available to users free of charge through the blog. The lawyer also has another obligation to protect users. It must be insured for professional liability. The lawyers of are all insured.

  • The civil lawyer is, as the name suggests, a professional who deals with civil law.
  • Its duties include, for example, that of representing or defending a party in civil proceedings in the presence of a judge or in the course of an out-of-court dispute.
  • In this guide we will explain what exactly a civil lawyer deals with a brief excursus on what civil law is and what are the differences between civil lawyer and criminal lawyer.

What is civil law

The civil law is the subject of a civil lawyer specialties, for this reason, in order to better understand how his work is good work speak first of the Civil Code.

Among the various topics that are treated within it, we find:

  • the liability
  • the contracts
  • the jurisprudence of real rights
  • the right of succession
  • the protection and assistance of individuals and the family. 

In other words, civil law deals with regulating the rules underlying the relationships between private citizens, in matters of family, property, contracts, inheritance, and between private individuals and public bodies.

What does the civil lawyer do

Working in the field of civil law, a civil lawyer is responsible for assisting his clients in matters that may be related to problems of various kinds.



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