How a bachelor’s degree in interior design teaches much more than design skills

How a bachelor’s degree in interior design teaches much more than design skills

About the Program

The Bachelors of Interior Design (B.I.D) is a course that includes a comprehensive study of the interiors of a building and deciding what structural and aesthetic changes can be done. The course teaches the students how these changes can be done to the architecture of a building in the best possible way, without compromising the structural integrity of the building. This undergraduate program acts as the foundation for students who wish to attain not just the basic understanding of interiors and architectural principals but to curate a flourishing career path for themselves in this field.


B.I.D focuses on generating aesthetic and functional awareness of interior designing principles. Students do not just learn to make a space beautiful but they also learn several other aspects of making it look and feel exactly as the client demands. People who are interested in learning how to plan and design spaces within a given architectural plan must apply to bachelor in interior design colleges in Lucknow. Studying at the best  bachelor of interior design colleges in up can help a student understand the various aspects of planning and designing.

The program enables candidates to work on live projects by gaining an in-depth understanding of various aspects related to designing and planning interiors. Candidates are provided with knowledge of structuring, color combinations, setting of lights, and placement of the décor and furniture in the room that can turn the environment of the room pleasing. The B.I.D course also helps in polishing communication skills, drawing, and designing skills.

The B.I.D course works on providing an overall development of students by giving them both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. The conceptual knowledge helps them in understanding the basic architectural concepts that play an important role in the field of interior design. Interior designers must also possess creative thinking skills, along with technical and analytical skills. Some of the aspects of the curriculum of this program are the theory of colors, principles of designing, space planning, and study of industry-standard software used for creating interior designs.

This course prepares the students to make a career in this field by opening up tremendous lucrative opportunities. They can work in the education sector, in government or private firms, in event management, at art galleries, and all such places that need to be turned aesthetic and eye-pleasing. This course gives the students the expertise they need to turn around a structure from being drab to becoming fab.  They learn about the latest technology and the latest design trends used across the globe. Last but not least is communication skills that are needed by designers to put forth their ideas to their team and the clients. They must be receptive to the client’s needs and criticism if any given by them.


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