How to organize an unforgettable bachelorette party

How to organize an unforgettable bachelorette party

Are you looking for ideas to organize a very special bachelorette party and you don’t know where to start? Let’s see the basic rules.

The preparations for your best friend’s wedding are in full swing, the details are almost all completed, but you haven’t thought about how to celebrate her bachelorette party yet ? Are you looking for something unusual, fun, relaxing, but also easy to organize? The proposals are always many and it is not easy to choose. In any case, when you decide to organize a bachelorette party, you must keep in mind 6 simple rules:

Draw up a list of guests

Fundamental steps: write the guest list and agree on the budget

This is definitely the step to start with a minimum of advance, at least a couple of months before the event. The advice is to do a discreet check with the future bride on who she would like to have close to celebrate her bachelorette party, also starting to define a possible date with her.

Once you have identified the circle of friends and a hypothesis of date, you can move on to contact the direct interested parties, perhaps creating a special Whatsapp group to simplify all communications related to the event and also exchange opinions on the place, method, choice of gadgets for the bride, cost estimate. However, it will be up to you to keep the threads of the discussion and make the final decisions, such as booking the location or any means of transport (planes, buses, trains).

Find the budget

Identifying and agreeing the budget for the organization of the bachelorette party is the second pillar. The budget must certainly be agreed with the other participants by probing the spending availability of each. It will cover all the costs of the event and will be divided equally among the participants: from the rental of the location, to the booking of outdoor activities or dinners , from means of transport to any overnight stay, up to the purchase of gadgets for theme to celebrate the future bride .

It is clear that the latter will be unaware of everythingthe program and above all must absolutely not put his hand to the wallet. Her bachelorette party will be the gift of her closest and most faithful friends. These premises will serve to avoid misunderstandings and make the party peaceful. If your budget can allow, then positively make use of the Party Bus Toronto services.

Choose bachelorette party budget

The future bride will have to remain unaware of all the preparations and above all she will not put her hand to the wallet for her bachelorette party

Assess the character of the future bride

For the bachelorette party to be a successful party, a very important aspect is to evaluate well the bride’s character and organize according to her tastes and expectations.


If we know that she is not a sportswoman and above all she is not of the “adventure woman” genre, it is better not to offer her absurd challenges such as bunge jumping or rapids in a canoe, but to focus on something frivolous, fun or relaxing, like a day in the SPA or a window tour with a dedicated personal shopper, a starred dinner or a wine experience in a Chianti winery. Those who have a Boy Scout soul, on the other hand, may very much appreciate a night in a tent, or an outdoor experience in contact with nature.

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