Text-To-Give Church And Community Solutions: Everything You Need To Know

Text-To-Give Church And Community Solutions: Everything You Need To Know


Churches and communities are the moral wing of any society, where they make sure the donations are used well to deploy community-building activities. But, busy as people and contributors get, you must pivot to technology-driven solutions that donate as easy as it can get. Church text-to-give solutions can be your way.

What is text-to-give?

For churches and communities, text to give technology has popped up as a very effective solution. This technology-driven solution helps people to donate using SMS services. Each donor is allotted a card that is linked to their cell phone number. It is used to send a one-time donation by simply texting the amount to a giving number. It is very safe, and people would be happy to be able to keep a track of their monetary contribution to society. It is much better than the ineffective cheque writing procedure, where you can lose it cause damage to it and the donation money goes down. And definitely, better than money as not many people love to walk around with a lot of money with them.

How does text-to-give work?

The following steps will help you understand how church text-to-give work:

  • Step#1: Donor Texting To A Dedicated Number

Allows immediate sending of money through a secure link to add a card on file linked to their cell number.

  • Step#2: Link Card On File

Using the secure link, donors can add a debit/credit card on the file they are willing to use for donation.

  • Step#3: Step Up Done

Once the card is linked to the cell number all your donors have to do is to text the donation amount and the amount will be transferred to you and deducted from their account instantly.

Benefits Of Text-To-Give

  • Easy Setup: 

A text-to-give solution only takes about 60 seconds for a donor to set up and also, very instant when it comes to donating. It is very simple to set up too. 

  • Dedicated Giving Number: 

On your front, you are allotted a dedicated number (local) that can be used exclusively for your church to receive donations easily from your users. Also, that requires no extra steps and conditions to be fulfilled. You are in total control of the giving number. 

  • Reduced Donation Time: 

Church text-to-give takes less than 5 seconds to complete the transaction by simply testing in a donation amount and it is an automatic procedure.

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