What is the importance of exercising for a French bulldog?

What is the importance of exercising for a French bulldog?

For those who recently acquired a French bulldog may be wondering how to care for it and how to keep it fit and fine. Exercise is a fantastic way to keep the dog healthy, fit and fine. To keep it fit, you may let it adopt different kinds of exercises. Know one thing, a Frenchie is a breed of dog requiring a lot of care and attention and not all exercises suit him.

Should you choose strenuous exercises for the bulldog?

Just like food and water, exercising is important for the bulldog. However, a Frenchie might not indulge in dog sports or run for longer miles. Strenuous activities are bad for the dog’s health.  Young Frenchies do not require that much exercise as the older Frenchies. Consider the age of the dog and choose exercises accordingly. If the dog is just 8 weeks old, 10-12 minutes of exercising is enough. A Frenchie which is 3 months old will require 15 minutes of exercise twice daily. Similarly, a 9 month old French dog will need 45 minutes of exercise. You must never exhaust your Frenchie, and let it rest when required.

Kinds of exercises

Short walks are fabulous for the younger Frenchies. A short walk will keep the dog active and alert without exhausting it. Short walk exercises the whole body and also there is no fear of injury. Regular walks help to manage weight for the bulldogs can easily gain weight. To make things interesting, the dog can simply play in the yard and involve in a bit of running with your kids. But, you must be careful about its breathing patterns. You may also take a walk with a Frenchie to reduce stress and to stay active. Avoid long spells of running for that can totally exhaust the dog. As a Frenchie dog has short nose, it may show signs of difficulty breathing. The dog may overheat too soon under the sun. You must therefore break the exercises into smaller spells or shorter sessions.

A Frenchie has a low energy level and so it cannot exercise too much. You must rather indulge the dog in playful activities. When it comes to the training part, the dog is intelligent and can easily grasp your commands. A French bulldog is a free thinker, rarely stubborn. If you see the dog reluctant to exercise, you may arrange play times to suffice its body needs. https://frenchiestore.com supplies a variety of tools and items for bulldog training and grooming. Have a look at the website to save money.


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