5 Tips When Choosing The Right Bedroom Door

5 Tips When Choosing The Right Bedroom Door

For some, the kitchen is the center of the household. It hosts a good deal of social activity and is the hearth of a home, but we’d beg to differ. The bedroom is equally as important since it should be a place of rest and relaxation – something you can look forward to when coming home.

Having a perfect door would be the cherry on top to seal the deal. There are many things to juggle when choosing a door, but we’ve listed some of the most important factors for bedroom doors to help you along!

Soundproofing your Room

While seemingly minor, keeping ambient sound out of your room makes a big difference in the overall feel of your room. I’m sure you would love some peace and privacy from your family sometimes – and a good, high density core timber door is the remedy. The interior is filled with wood to dampen any sounds coming from the outside.

Keep your Bedroom Cool

If you’re unfortunate like me, the windows in my room directly faces the sunrise every morning. No matter how hard I try to resist, my room heats up naturally as the day goes on, so I have to turn the aircon on. A good thermally conducive door helps keep the heat out and allows me to stay cool.

Material Matters

Most bedroom doors are made from wood for the two purposes listed above, and for good reason too. I don’t think too many of us would prefer a glass or metal door for our bedroom either. As always, it is recommended to stay away from hollow interior doors for their low quality even though they are cheap.

Customizing your Door

Your door’s design doesn’t have to be as meticulously planned as the interior of your room itself, although it does make a difference in the overall aesthetic of the room. A chic, classic laminate door generally goes well with any modern interior. Some other things to consider might include the handle and opening mechanism, so do keep those in mind.

Contractor Choice Makes a Difference

As we all know, renovation is neither cheap nor easy to undertake. Most HDB’s renovation costs could go up to 80-100k for more pricey projects, and naturally we feel tempted to cut corners with the installation of furniture.

Although pricey, choosing an experienced company or furniture provider for a tad bit more money does pay off in the future. Most of these long-standing companies have close contacts with factories and suppliers, so if your door has to be customized it most certainly can be done. Their products are guaranteed to last while looking timeless, so your maintenance fees in the long run would be kept down.

We hope that this article could help with your home renovation endeavors. If you’re feeling inspired to browse online catalogues for more bedroom door options, check out SG Doors today.

Zahir Singh Barad

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