Flooring trends in 2020

Flooring trends in 2020

Flooring trends change as wider varieties of tiles are available due to modern technology. The taste and preference of homeowners also change with time. Earth tones are hitting the market than other color shades, and ebony and driftwood finish are gaining popularity. Another noticeable trend is incorporating mineral strips and tethers to give the flooring a more natural look and add aesthetic value. Faux flooring and solid hardwood flooring with customized color and texture is always favorite among homeowners.


Every type of wood flooring undergoes some streak to bring the desired finish. But the latest technology is fuming, where the wood is placed in a container, where airborne ammonia is infused. The chemical reaction between wood and ammonia causes a change of color on the wood surface. The ultimate gloss depends on many factors; the type of wood used the exterior, and the chamber’s interior atmosphere. The final patina is much more superior to staining. When liquid ammonia is applied directly on the flooring, it wanes the structure and damages the fiber  

Wire brushed flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been appreciated and adored by millions of homeowners. But the trend is shifting from the gloss finish to wire-brushed decking. The hardwood is scrapped with a wire brush to give it a unique texture and finish. This type of flooring is readily evident with prominent grains, ragged, coarse regularity. When the flooring undergoes hand scrap, the effect is windswept, smoother, and even grain structure. Wire brush flooring gives a natural, impressive look to your home as the grains are visible with the delicate knot and tether.

Bleached look

A softer white bathed look is more appealing to conventional glossy brown flanks. This type of flooring undergoes a process, blanching where the wood is bleached. Any sustaining dye or paint is removed from the wood surface to give it a pale white look. If you plan for a renovation, you can replace the existing floor with readymade blanched flooring or blanch the existing one.

Wood features natural fissures, slits, wire-brushed, and bleached flanks with more exposed fibers and grains. This trait makes cleaning of flooring more difficult than glossy surfaces. Clean the deck regularly so the dirt and stain do not accumulate and make the cleaning process more challenging. Clean the surface delicately, do not use harsh chemicals on the floor; this damages the structure, texture, and finish of the deck.

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