Read This If You Are Shipping Your Car for the First Time

Read This If You Are Shipping Your Car for the First Time

When you are relocating your residence to a new city or country then it is a daunting task to pack all your items and look for a suitable mover to take all your items. However, one of the most important items that is., your car needs some other arrangement. 

Use the services of a well-known car shipping company called Ship a Car, Inc for transporting your vehicle throughout the USA via an open carrier car transporter, which is the most popular and also cheapest way to ship car to any location.

Nowadays many other car shipping companies are in this business and before you decide any of this company, you must be aware of a few things.

  1. Please don’t get cheated by few companies, who may lure you with their cheapest quote. If any company demands an advance deposit then reject such a company. You should not make any upfront payment until and unless you receive your car in a safe condition at your new destination.
  2. Avoid filling out multiple forms for a quote on different sites. If you fill out an online quote, then most shipping websites may sell your details to at least 10 – 20 different shipping companies. So, you will find 20 different companies will start contacting you immediately.

You can save yourself from such annoyance and frustration by just filling out a single auto transport quote by choosing a single site. 

The following are a few lists of things that most companies will like to know so that they can offer you a suitable quote. 

  • Year, make/model of your car(s)
  • Pickup/delivery city/state and zip code
  • Whether your vehicle is in running/steering condition 
  • Whether you prefer to ship through an open or an enclosed carrier.

You must be aware of the difference between an open carrier and an enclosed carrier.  In the case of an open carrier, shipping does not cover your vehicle while transporting. So, your car will be exposed to outside weather.

The chances of damage to your car are very rare, but sometimes can occur. People are however willing to take that risk as you can save lots of money.

  1. For the enclosed carrier, your car will be protected from outside elements like adverse weather, dust, and debris. However, the cost of the service will be significantly high. Unless you have an exclusive or a brand new car, it does not make any sense to spend so much for transporting your car.
  2. You must try to book for the service well in advance before you proceed. If you keep it for the last moment then for some reason or the other you may get stuck and the possibility is that your car may reach much late to the destination. 
  3. You need to share your mobile phone number, new address and a few other details as the company prefers to know. 
  4. The procedure of every car shipping company may be different and therefore you must get yourself familiarized with one for which you have chosen.

You must discuss with a good number of companies before choosing the one who looks better to you.


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