Principles of The Double-Column Machining Centers

Principles of The Double-Column Machining Centers

The CNC double column type of machinery is used for the precise metal machinery system. This type of machinery method can handle multiple tasks at one time. This feature eventually makes the CNC double column method more effective.

The milling process in the double-column CNC machine is started by rotating the tool to remove a work piece material by pushing and placing the tool in one or more different work pieces background according to the requirement of the code and process.

The cutting of the box is executed in various directions. These depend on the structure of the final product that is being assumed with the help of the code. Later, the various heavy milling processes is also conducted with the help of the CNC double column.

Provides With Great Productivity

As a result, the industry is impressed with higher productivity. Which is delivered by the CNC double column machinery? As it helps in making the cutting, and placement of metal pressing tasks easier and efficient. Even with the super complex parameters, these pieces of machinery tend to perform quickly as compared to what would have been achieved manually.

Difference Between The Horizontal And Vertical CNC Machining Model

Broadly the working of the CBC machining is divided into two different types of models. Apart from that, there are many other models available too. The vertical and horizontal CNC machining models are used commonly.

The vertical model is the arrangement in which the material of the structure is aligned vertically. This moves up and down in the vertical motions. Whereas, coming towards the horizontal machining, the model is placed in the horizontal axis and is performed with the operations in the lying down manner.

In the vertical mode, the object is fixed precisely so that the weight of the structure is managed easily. This ensures better cutting without any path deviation.

Hence, the main motive of the CNC double column machining center is to manufacture large, heavy, and thick pieces. Under normal situations and machinery codes, precision is difficult to achieve. Whereas, with the double column method it can be achieved effortlessly.  In the normal method, the rigidity of the structure is also increased which reduces the final finishing of the structure which is very important.

The high precision, high spindle, the right and faster revolutions with the cross slide are the key factors of the CNC double column machinery system.


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