An Overview Of Thermage Treatment For Skin

An Overview Of Thermage Treatment For Skin

Who doesn’t love tight and wrinkle-free skin? We all want to have youthful, smooth, and firm skin. But, aging may loosen your skin, diminish the glow, and put on wrinkles on your face. In the modern era, while a lot of clinical treatments are available to get rid of such problems, at least for a certain period, one of the most popular ways is Thermage (เท ร์ มา , which is the term in Thai).

This treatment was approved by FDA in 2001, and is now being used widely worldwide. It uses radiofrequency to correct skin problems and is clinically proven to be effective. This is a less expensive method compared to other skin treatments and would cost between $1000 t0 $5000 according to the severity of the problem. However, the cost can go up if you want to treat several skin problems. 

What Problems Can Be Treated With Thermage?

Thermage is mainly used to reduce the aging symptoms on the skin by altering collagen production and give a youthful look. Let us see what benefits are offered by the Thermage treatment.

  • Tighten the skin
  • Smoothen the skin
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Sharpen jawline
  • Reduce fine and forehead lines
  • Softer cracked feets
  • Diminish acne scars
  • Facelifting

These are the main reasons why this treatment is used worldwide. 

Why Do People Prefer This Treatment?

Most patients are satisfied with this treatment. The key factors that make it the best skin treatment are: 

    • It is effective and heals the skin from within working on the inner layers of the skin
    • Less expensive compared to other skin treatments
    • One treatment is enough to heal the skin in most cases
    • It doesn’t require any surgery
    • The treatment is safe
    • The recovery time is negligible
    • It works on all skin types
  • The effect of the treatment is long-lasting

Are There Any Side-Effects Of The Treatment?

Thermage treatment is an extremely safe one and negative impact or feedback is a very rare thing. However, you must know about the unusual and infrequent side-effects that you may notice. These side-effects include redness and slight swelling in the area of the treatment. Some patients have seen bruises too. 

These symptoms would, however, diminish gradually within a few hours of the treatment. It takes a few weeks in extreme situations. The treatment is painless. But a few patients felt soreness, skin burning, etc.

Thus, before you start a Thermage treatment, make sure to consult an expert to make it safe and effective for your skin. 


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