Why Does it Matter What Company you Choose to Hire Custom Brokers for Importing Goods in Canada? 

Why Does it Matter What Company you Choose to Hire Custom Brokers for Importing Goods in Canada? 

There’s a plethora of customs clearance companies that claim to be providing premium services for hassle-free import. But, as a matter of truth, not all companies are actually worth your investment – time as well as money. And, what’s the point in hiring a customs broker if you’ll still have to run around and worry whether or not your goods will be cleared at customs, and cleared on time? Well, this establishes the fact that hiring a good company is what makes the difference since hiring any random company is just as bad as handling the work yourself. That said, now comes the question, what makes a custom clearance firm elite? And, how to identify one?

If interested in finding such answers, then read through the guide below and discover all the features that you should be looking at when hiring a customs clearance firm. Have a look.

  1. Good Companies Offer Clearance Services for All Transportation Modes

Elite companies like Clearit Canada are licensed and experienced to be handling shipments arriving by air, sea, as well as road. The documents and procedure for all the transportation means are listed below for your reference.

#1 Shipments Arriving by Air

You need to provide the broker with:

  • The purchase bill (commercial invoice)
  • Airway bill
  • Applicable trade certificates (if any)

#2 Shipments Arriving by Ocean

What the brokers at Clearit Canada require from your end is the commercial invoice and what they need from your freight forwarder are:

  • The lading bill
  • The package content
  • Applicable trade certificates 
  • Prior arrival notice 

#3 Shipments Arriving by Truck

Other than the commercial invoice, bill of lading, OGD certificates, and package contents, the extra that’s needed for truck Shipments is PARS so that cross border exchange can happen without delay.

  1. Good Companies Generate ITN Number

ITN number is exclusively needed for foreign trade – whether you’re importing goods for commercial purposes or for personal use. Otherwise expensive, the Clearit itn number, on the contrary, is generated at just 127 CAD. 

  1. It’s Easy to Register with Elite Companies

Registering with elite broker companies like Clearit is cakewalk. You have to register with them and as soon as you do, you are assigned an agent, it’s then the duty of the agent to keep informing you what documents you have to upload so that they can apply for customs clearance. 

  1. Good Companies Send Their Agents to the Import Site

Not just the fact that you are provided with a personal agent online who files for customs clearance on your behalf, Clearit goes 1 step ahead – they send an agent to the import site who inspects the package against damage of any kind. 

  1. Good Companies offer Shipment Services too

These bonus services are too good to be ignored. Clearit can offer transportation services to the warehouse you’ve chosen after the goods are cleared, to the warehouse of your client, as well as doorstep delivery to the customers. 

Hence, as long as the company you choose offers all these services, you can be assured that you’re putting your money in the right hands.


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