Why Ceramic Tiles are Perfect for Kitchen Floors

Why Ceramic Tiles are Perfect for Kitchen Floors

Flooring tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. They can create an elegant and modern look. A lot of people opt for ceramic tiles for their kitchen floors because of their style and practicality. If you are still in doubt about the use of ceramic tiles for kitchen floors, this post will help you change your mind:

Reasons for Choosing Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

As kitchen floors are prone to spills, it’s important to have an easy-to-clean surface. Ceramic tiles can easily be swept and mopped to ensure dirty and messes can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Also, these tiles absorb odours or bacteria, which you want to keep out of your kitchen. Whether you prefer to have glossy or matte Ceramique au Sommet céramique cuisine or those that mimic natural materials such as wood or stone, ceramic tiles have a practical nature that makes them a sensible choice among many flooring options.

Availability of Ceramic Floor Tiles

Kitchen floor tiles are available in different styles, colours, texture, patterns, sizes, and shapes. Bigger tiles are usually easier to install than smaller ones. However, smaller tiles can provide your kitchen space with a unique look if you want to put in the time and effort. Today, the 12-inch tile is the most popular.

Although all tiles are hard, they differ in terms of hardness levels. The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) rates tile hardness form Group I tiles, which are ideal for light traffic areas like home bathrooms to Group V tiles for extra heavy-traffic areas like commercial areas. For home kitchens, the group III tiles can be ideal. They suit areas with medium-heavy traffic.

Important Things to Remember

Kitchen flooring must be hard and sturdy, but this can be a drawback and a plus at the same time. Glass and porcelain tend to break easily and tile floors can be cold and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods. However, there are ways to overcome these cons. For instance, you can put area rugs in places where people stand often like the sink to cushion the feet. These areas may also be the ones that will handle dishes the most. This means that if you drop something, it may fall onto the area rug instead of the hard tile.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the floor tiles, the grout can be a problem. But, sealing the grout can make the cleaning process much easier. Also, it is easy to replace broken ceramic floor tiles. 



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