Know the Cowboy Hat Making Materials

Know the Cowboy Hat Making Materials

Cowboy hats are stylish, and there is no doubt about their fashion potential. But it is also not a good idea to disregard its usefulness. When you put on a cowboy hat, it helps you protect yourself against syn, sweat, and rain.

When you look out for cowboy hats, you will find that not all hats are made of the same material. Therefore, it will help if you spend some time knowing what materials the cowboy hats made before buying a cowboy hat. Read on:


Straw is one of the most popular materials with which cowboy hats are made. Cowboy hats made of the straw material are often considered as casual summer cowboy hats. With the material, the cowboy hat tends to allow more air circulation and, at the same time, provides shade. However, such hats are not suitable for weaning during rain.


Felt is the standard material for most cowboy hats made of beaver or rabbit fur, or a combination of the two. The material provides a lot of advantages. Cowboy hats made of felt are durable and also provide excellent weather protection. You can easily reshape and clean your cowboy hat that is made of felt. And also, it protects your cowboy hat against damages due to moisture.

It will help if you know that the beaver felt is the most comfortable and durable material. But the downside is that it is also the most expensive. The best thing you can do is choose a cowboy hat made up of a combination of beaver and rabbit fur.


Wool is not a popular material. It can not only make your head very warm but also absorb water to make you uncomfortable. Also, you will find it difficult to reshape the hat.

You can purchase a cowboy hat with the best material, but that is not the end of the story. After you wear the hat for some time, dirt will accumulate on it, and you need to clean it. Refer to the infographic in this post to know the art of cleaning your cowboy hat.


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